Why Would You Choose a Dental Bridge over Implants?

Having missing teeth could cause dental health issue past dental caries. It would include speech difficulty or even gum condition. A dental bridge and dental implants are great options to fill the missing tooth. Today, most patients would opt for dental implants. In some cases, however, a dental bridge could be the better option.

Before, a dental bridge was the only option. However, it includes preparation of the surrounding teeth. Prepping requires eliminating a lot of enamel to produce the bridge. With oral implants, the dental professional changes simply the specific tooth for an outcome that is more powerful and long-term.

Nevertheless, a dental bridge could be your ideal choice if the surrounding teeth have huge dental filings and require caps in the future.

And also, if the missing tooth has been lost for a long period of time, the gum tissue and bone might have receded. Then,  treatments past the dental implant are called for prior to positioning. The benefits and drawbacks of both treatments could eventually be reviewed by your dental professional.

When is Dental Bridge a Better Option than an Implant?

If you have a limited budget, then a dental bridge might be your better choice. A dental implant could cost a thousand bucks. The overall cost is worth it because it can act as a permanent tooth that functions similar to a real tooth. Then again, if financial resources are an issue, you could opt for a dental bridge that is below $1000. Furthermore, some dental insurance will cover the expenses.

Another scenario when a dental bridge is a better alternative than an implant is if your teeth moved. If you lost your tooth for so long that the surrounding teeth slanted into the open space, there won’t have sufficient room for an implant without the use of dental braces. A bridge could be made use of to improve the slanted teeth while replacing the missing tooth.

If you wish to get a replacement for your missing tooth quickly, then dental bridge could be the better choice. A dental implant could take three to six months to finish. It is essential for proper recovery and there’s little to be done to hasten the procedure. An oral bridge could usually be finished in less than three weeks, even if you have a tooth removed at the same time.

Spaces and motion in teeth could impact your bite, developing problems for your jaw and impeding your capability to talk and eat. In the long-term, an absence of oral support could create various other dental concerns, like earaches, nose irritation, etc. It makes it vital for patients to replace their missing teeth as early as possible, as opposed to waiting to find out whether or not the missing teeth could cause issues.

If you’re not sure what option to choose, make sure to talk to your cosmetic dentist. He’ll guide you in selecting the better alternative for you: dental bridge or dental implants. During your discussion, your dentist will also talk about the pros and cons of every procedure. It can help in making an informed decision.

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