My Gums Hurt In The Back Of My Mouth

“My gums hurt in the back of my mouth.” It is one of the questions that patients with pericoronitis asked our dentists at Kane & Kerper Family & Cosmetic Dentistry. To diagnose this problem, your dentist will look at your wisdom teeth and determine whether they are coming in. During the examination, your dentist will

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My Gums Feel Sore

When your gums feel sore, it can have different causes. If the condition lasts longer than a week, you should consult your dentist. Can Gingivitis Cause Your Gums To Feel Sore? This is the most common cause of swollen gums. Most sufferers don’t know that they have it because the symptoms can sometimes be mild. If

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My Gums Are Cut Up – What Do I Do?

Cuts on your gums can be quite painful, and may take up to two weeks or more to heal. This is a fairly common dental issue that can have a number of causes. Of course, if your gums are cut up and do not seem to be healing normally, or has an unusual appearance, see

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My Gums Bleed Very Easily

Bleeding gums is a cause for concern, though many patients may be tempted to ignore this issue. When gums bleed very easily, this can be an indication of a very serious dental or medical issue. There are a number of conditions that can cause your gums to bleed, and the treatment in your case will

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My Gums Are Inflamed

If your gums are inflamed and swollen it can be quite painful, and should not be ignored. Often, this is an indicator that a more serious problem exists, and early treatment is the key to a more positive outcome. If you are experiencing inflamed, swollen, or sore gums, contact Kane & Kerper Family & Cosmetic Dentistry

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