What Is Mucocele And How Can It Be Treated?

A mucocele is a mucous cyst that appears to be clear or bluish. It occurs on your lips, the roof of the mouth, and tongue. It can cause discomfort when you chew, speak and swallow. The good thing is that it resolves on its own. How Mucocele forms Your saliva moves from the salivary gland

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What Could Be Causing Pain in My Gums?

All of us could suffer from dental problems. Thus, it’s ideal to maintain a good home dental care routine and visit your dentist for regular dental checkups. Professional dental cleanings are also essential to ensure that your mouth is in healthy condition. When you think about dental problems, you’re likely to consider cavities found in

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My Gums Hurt After Tooth Extraction

Experiencing pain after a tooth extraction is common, and normal. We have many patient say “My Gums Hurt After Tooth Extraction” Depending on how extensive the procedure was and the type of extraction, this pain can range from tolerable to very severe and painful. This pain may last for a few days, or for up

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