Does your Tooth Taste Weird?

There are several possible reasons your tooth tastes weird. One of the most common is an infection. Your tooth will taste weird if there is discharge from an abscess as it empties in your mouth. You will also notice a bad smell if the infection is in the gum or jawbone. Fortunately, you will quickly

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My Tooth Tastes Weird

There are several possible reasons why your tooth tastes weird. One of the most common causes is an infection caused by discharge from an abscess that empties in your mouth or an infection in your gum or jawbone. If the infection is still at its early stage, the bad taste typically isn’t accompanied by pain.

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My Gums Are Cut Up – What Do I Do?

Cuts on your gums can be quite painful, and may take up to two weeks or more to heal. This is a fairly common dental issue that can have a number of causes. Of course, if your gums are cut up and do not seem to be healing normally, or has an unusual appearance, see

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My Tooth Smells Bad

Bad breath can have a negative effect on your self-esteem and social relationships. It can even limit you professionally if it is left untreated. If you’re experiencing bad breath that seems to stem from a single tooth, it is very likely that tooth decay is the cause. How does tooth decay cause bad breath? Even

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