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Proper Care For Your Temporary Filling

A temporary filling is necessary for some procedures, like a root canal or crown placement. Whatever the reason you have this kind of dental filling, it is essential to care for it properly. This filling is just temporary. In that case, it will come out easier than a regular filling. There are ways to ensure that it stays put until the following visit.

Avoid chewing on the affected side of your mouth

As much as possible, you must avoid chewing on the side of your mouth where there’s temporary filling.  A temporary filling may last for a few weeks or a month. Thus, it is easier for you to forget about it and use it to chew food. It may not be a problem, as long as you do not chew hard foods. You must only chew gently when you need to eat on that side. Avoid eating crunchy foods and chewing gum all together to prevent yourself from accidentally chewing them with that side of your mouth.

Use a soft bristled toothbrush

You can brush your temporary filling the same way you clean your permanent filling and other teeth. However, make sure that you are using a soft bristled brush. You must also brush gently and thoroughly. It is also okay to floss around the tooth where the temporary filling is found. But be careful when flossing. Don’t pull the floss up when removing it. Instead, pull the floss out the side so it will not snag on the temporary filling.

How long will the temporary filling last?

It can last for a few weeks. With proper care, it can last for more than a month. However, never assume that just because it stays put after two months, you will no longer need to go back to your dentist to have a permanent filling.

Remember that it is still a temporary filling. It won’t last long, and it will soon wear out. For that reason, you must return to your dentist. Failure to do so will only cause the filled tooth to crack. As a result, it will lead to infection and decay. In a worst case, you will lose your tooth.

A temporary filling may prevent bacteria from going inside your tooth. However, it does not have the same protection as your permanent filling. For that reason, you must replace it to avoid losing your tooth.

If your dentist told you to visit a week after, you must oblige. While you wait for your next appointment, make sure that you follow the proper care procedures of your temporary filling as advised by your dentist. Follow them properly to prevent the filling from cracking or dislodging.

A dental filling can fix your tooth with cavities. However, it is not fun having it. For that reason, you must take care of your natural teeth and follow your dentist’s recommendations on how properly clean your teeth to avoid cavities.

Even if you brush religiously and floss every day, you still have to visit your dentist every six months to undergo professional dental cleaning.

If you are worried about your temporary filling, please contact Kane & Kerper Family & Cosmetic Dentistry.