My Tooth Tastes Weird

There are several possible reasons why your tooth tastes weird. One of the most common causes is an infection caused by discharge from an abscess that empties in your mouth or an infection in your gum or jawbone.

If the infection is still at its early stage, the bad taste typically isn’t accompanied by pain. For that reason, you may notice a weird taste for days, weeks, or months before you start to feel pain. By the time you feel pain in the tooth, the infection has already spread, and the bacteria may already be in your circulatory system. That’s why we recommend our patients to always see one of our dentists at Kane & Kerper Family & Cosmetic Dentistry each time they feel something is awry in their mouth or teeth.

The bad taste that you experience may vary. Some of our patients would describe it as bitter or sour while others would consider it as merely unpleasant. If you notice that your tooth tastes weird, you should talk to your dentist immediately. It could be the result of a potential infection that might lead to oral decay. It could also be halitosis.

Poorly Maintained Fillings

Another reason your tooth tastes weird is that you have bad dental fillings, especially if they’re falling apart and causing a metallic taste. Even if you have silver mercury fillings, which are known to be a durable filling material, they could still erode. If that happens, bacteria in your mouth could travel into your tooth, causing a bad odor or taste in your mouth.

If the problem is left untreated, it could cause tooth decay and might result in tooth extraction. You should contact your dentist immediately if you start to feel that your tooth tastes weird. If it’s the result of a failing dental filling, it could be replaced without resorting to tooth extraction. If you wait a little longer, the bacteria inside the affected tooth will cause further damage and the only option to remedy the situation is extraction. To save it, a root canal therapy may be suggested.

Other reasons why your tooth tastes weird:

Poor oral hygiene. If you failed to brush and floss regularly, you will soon suffer from gingivitis and a possible tooth infection. Your dentist might recommend a prescription medicine to get rid of the infection. When it’s healed, the weird taste in your tooth goes away.

Prescription drugs. Antibiotics, gout medicine, and cardiac drugs are some of the prescription medications that could affect your taste and taste buds. Apart from prescription medicines, some over the counter vitamins might also be the reason your tooth tastes weird. Multivitamins with copper, zinc and other heavy metals can cause a metallic taste.

If you experience a weird odor in your mouth or tooth, it’s best to consult with your dentist. He’ll examine your mouth to know whether or not you’re suffering from tooth decay. He can also refer you to a dentist if you have a serious medical condition.


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