Do Apples Yellow Your Teeth?

A recent study has caused growing concern among many dental patients that apples and similar foods can cause damage to their teeth. On the one hand, yes – it’s true that apples and other foods may cause your teeth to yellow. However it’s also important that you do not give up on eating healthy foods just because they may stain your tooth enamel. If you are asking, “Do Apples Yellow Your Teeth?”, in most cases, this damage can be prevented, and shouldn’t be cause for concern.

How do apples cause teeth to yellow?

Apples and other fruits are highly acidic. When eaten slowly, these acids can wear away at your tooth enamel, causing it to thin. This exposes the yellowish dentin inside the tooth, making your teeth appear yellowed. This is known as acid erosion, and it can also cause your teeth to become more sensitive.

Apples and other foods aren’t the only things that can cause acid erosion. Medical conditions such as acid reflux disease and some eating disorders can also cause this dental issue by tricking the stomach into producing too much stomach acid. This excess acid may travel up into the mouth, wearing away at your teeth.

How to prevent apples from yellowing your teeth

It is possible to prevent acid erosion from damaging your teeth, without giving up apples and other foods that you love by following a few simple suggestions:

  • When eating acidic foods, such as apples, brush your teeth before you eat
  • Drink acidic beverages (such as sodas, fruit juice, or orange juice) through a straw placed toward the back of your mouth
  • Never swish sodas or other acidic beverages in your mouth

Don’t give up eating healthy foods, just because they may erode your teeth. If you are at an increased risk for acid erosion, or if you eat a diet that is high in acidic foods, consider asking your dentist for a dental sealant that can help protect your teeth. They may also be able to provide you with other suggestions for keeping your smile bright, white, and healthy while allowing you to eat the foods (and fruits) that you love.


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