Cosmetic Dentistry


Cosmetic Dentistry Oxnard CA

While traditional dentistry focuses on oral hygiene and preventing, diagnosing and treating oral disease, cosmetic dentistry focuses on improving the appearance of a person’s teeth, mouth and smile. In other words, restorative, general and/or family dental practices address dental problems that require necessary treatment, whereas cosmetic dentistry provides elective – or desired – treatments or services.

Cosmetic dentistry may also provide restorative benefits. For example, dental fillings are a common procedure used to treat decayed teeth. Previously, most dental fillings were composed primarily of gold, amalgam and other materials that left visible dark spots on the teeth.

Today, dental fillings may fall into the category of cosmetic dentistry. This is because you can select fillings made of porcelain or composite materials that closely match the color of your teeth. Maintaining the natural appearance of your teeth and smile is our ending goal. Many people may choose to have their older fillings replaced with newer, tooth-colored fillings to enhance their oral appearance.

Is Cosmetic Dentistry Right For Me?

Your teeth and gums must be evaluated before cosmetic dentistry procedures. Your dental health is more important than the look of your smile so first things first. We must evaluate your bite, the supporting bone structure, and your gums because this can have an impact on the cosmetic dentistry procedures that we perform. If everything checks out ok, we can proceed to lay out a customized treatment plan to take your smile to where you want it to be!